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Episode 1: Top 5 Albums Of 2008

Posted in Episodes on January 19, 2009 by Erik

Our first episode is here! For our inaugural show, we’re discussing the top 5 albums from 2008. We were mostly agreeable this time around, but it wasn’t without a few choice disagreements. We had a few technical difficulties with our first episode (and we apologize for the room noise), but you can count on improvements being made on a regular basis. You can subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab and then ‘Subscribe to Podcast’. From there, copy and paste this URL:

You can also download the episode directly here:

We’re working on getting approved for subscription for iTunes, as well as Zune and other common podcasting resources.

You can read our choices for the top albums of last year after the jump. Listen in to the podcast for our “Fast Five” segment, as well as a preview of the next episode! Love the show? Hate it? Think our lists are awful? Want to share your own list? Post a comment here and let us know what you think. Make a particularly awesome comment and we might read it on our next show! Continue reading



Posted in Uncategorized on January 8, 2009 by Erik

Hello! I almost didn’t see you there! It’s okay, you can stop hiding. Seriously, please stop hiding. Now that that’s out of the way, welcome to The Musical Moron Twins – the only rock music podcast you’ll ever need. We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy your stay.

Now, the burning question is, “What’s all this ‘Musical Moron Twins’ business anyway”? We’re still tweaking the format, but you can rest assured that it’s going to be great (and, as an added bonus, hilarious). Stay tuned for a more thorough introduction, as well as our very first episode, in the coming days.