Episode 1: Top 5 Albums Of 2008

Our first episode is here! For our inaugural show, we’re discussing the top 5 albums from 2008. We were mostly agreeable this time around, but it wasn’t without a few choice disagreements. We had a few technical difficulties with our first episode (and we apologize for the room noise), but you can count on improvements being made on a regular basis. You can subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab and then ‘Subscribe to Podcast’. From there, copy and paste this URL:


You can also download the episode directly here:


We’re working on getting approved for subscription for iTunes, as well as Zune and other common podcasting resources.

You can read our choices for the top albums of last year after the jump. Listen in to the podcast for our “Fast Five” segment, as well as a preview of the next episode! Love the show? Hate it? Think our lists are awful? Want to share your own list? Post a comment here and let us know what you think. Make a particularly awesome comment and we might read it on our next show!

Brian’s Top 5

5. “Do You Like Rock Music?” by British Sea Power

4. “Acid Tongue” by Jenny Lewis

3. “Third” by Portishead

2. “Sea From Shore” by School Of Language

1. “Fate” by Dr. Dog

Erik’s Top 5

5. TIE – “Ghosts I-IV” and “The Slip” by Nine Inch Nails

4. “Dear Science” by TV On The Radio

3. “Accelerate” by R.E.M.

2. “Third” by Portishead

1. “Fleet Foxes” by “Fleet Foxes”

5 Responses to “Episode 1: Top 5 Albums Of 2008”

  1. Of all the picks, I have to disagree with Fleet Foxes the most. They sound like more of the My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses trend. Add granola and lute. While the songs are well written I gotta knock it off the list purely for falling into more of the same.

  2. I’ll throw my list up for kicks.

    1. Nick Cave – “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” (visceral rock n’ roll by a pioneer of musical storytelling. Nick manages to remain a peer in new exciting rock music instead of a tired retread like so many artists similar in age or amount of output. With so many new male vocalists falling into androgynous themes lyrically and sonically, it is nice to hear music that is unabashedly MAN. )

    2. TV On The Radio – “Dear Science” (Not going to spend a lot of time saying what everyone else is. I can’t think of another band that sounds more like RIGHT NOW, and that is a one hell of a feat considering everything seems to be a throwback these days.)

    3.Dungen – “Tio Bitar” (When I think of psychedelia associated with music I often find it falls into two areas – self-indulgent musical masturbation or pretentious musings that you’re not supposed to “get”. Mars Volta comes to mind because they manage to employ both. The feeling of alienation has become the new disco, and it’s refreshing to hear an album that exudes warmth without sacrificing its hard edge. Ethereal yet noisy, beautiful stuff.)

    4. Human Highway – “Moody Motorcycle” (Like most great albums this one took time to appreciate. Instead of smashing the vase over your head these guys opt to swirl around your ears like a nice breeze. Simple timeless melodies that remind me of Simon and Garfunkel without the “THIS IS ART” vibe.)

    5.NOMO – “Ghost Rock” (Afrobeat on drugs. Hard drugs. If I ever lost my mind I would want it to sound like this.)

  3. I have very little to say about most your musical picks, because A. I hate, HATE trip hop and B. Under the Blacklight was a great album.

    But, Brian, you know that the time I spend finding new music is slim to none, considering I’d rather make it. But, I can see your show opening my eyes to a few new artists. That leads me to my first comment: PLAY A SNIPPET OF EACH SONG WITHOUT TALKING OVER IT! Remember that people who are listening to this may not have heard those songs. They will want to hear them in their full volume so that they have a reference, and because your opinion may or may not illustrate what they are looking for.

    You guys did a really nice job of laying out your albums and not talking too much. That’s awesome. I would like to hear you fight more! It seems like you both have (pretty) similar musical tastes, so maybe you can work in some material that separates you to get a little more in each other’s opinions.

    But, great first podcast. I’m interested in hearing the next!

  4. I’ll have to check out some of the other stuff you mentioned Gage. Nomo in particular sounds pretty interesting. Nissa… you, me, trip hop, outside now and throw down son. Or daughter. I guess. We are working on making this episode a little more about the fun part of being an elitist douche: knowing your opinion is better than others’. On the other hand, you shouldn’t wish people would fight… don’t be a jerk.

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