Episode 2: Top 5 Parts Of Songs

In this episode, we count down the song moments that define rock and roll. We also introduce a couple of great new segments – the ‘First Five’, where we have to discuss the first random songs on our iPods (no skipping allowed), and our indie spotlight, this week featuring the New York band Cymbals Eat Guitars. Big thanks to them for allowing us to share their music.

More exciting still is that you can now subscribe to us on iTunes! Click on the link below to subscribe. If iTunes isn’t your thing, you can download the episode by itself.

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You can read our picks for the top 5 song parts after the break. Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts on our lists or what you might do differently. Thanks for listening!

Brian’s Top 5

5. “New Noise” by Refused (Vocal/Band Entrance)

4. “Echoes (Live in Pompeii) by Pink Floyd (Intro)

3. “So What” by Miles Davis (End of First Section/Beginning of Second)

2. “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys (Bass Bridge/Vocal Re-Entrance)

1. “Greet Death” by Explosions In The Sky (Intro)

Erik’s Top 5

5. “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse (Vocal Bridge)

4. “Parabol/Parabola” by Tool (Transition Between The Songs)

3. “The Great Destroyer” by Nine Inch Nails (Vocal Transition Into Breakdown)

2. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who (Roger’s Scream)

1. “Layla” by Derek And The Dominos (Intro)

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