Episode 4: Top 5 One Hit Wonders That Shouldn’t Have Been

Some artists hit it big once and then fade away. Many of those artists got more than the fame they deserved, but others should have stuck around for much, much longer. In this episode, we discuss the bands we feel needed a lot more time in the spotlight. This episode features even more disagreement than usual, plus we feature another greatest artist in our indie spotlight (now called “Bands You Need To Love…Or Else!”). Featured in this episode is Nashville rock band Disappointed By Candy. They’re a really unique and fun band, and we strongly recommend you check them out. You can read our top fives after the break.

UPDATE – It’s been brought to our attention that there are some sound quality issues with this episode. We will be updating this episode shortly. When it’s up, simply delete and re-download this episode to get the new version.

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Brian’s Top 5

5. Luscious Jackson

4. The Dandy Warhols

3. Fastball

2. Travis

1. The Darkness

Erik’s Top 5

5. Jars of Clay

4. Saul Williams

3. Fountains Of Wayne

2. Soul Coughing

1. Elliott Smith

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