Episode 5: Top 5 Side Projects

For our fifth episode, we’re talking about the projects that get created as side projects but end up being great on their own. Many such projects end up being terrible, but others stand out and some even surprass the greatness of the groups they evolved from. This episode is all about those sorts of bands. We also discuss our new band you need to know, Wet Sans Brolly. Definitely check them out. You can read our lists after the break – be sure to leave a comment with your list or thoughts on ours!

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Brian’s Top 5

5. Lovage

4. Team Sleep

3. The Raconteurs

2. Slow Reader

1. The Postal Service

Erik’s Top 5

5. Temple Of The Dog

4. The Postal Service

3. Gorillaz

2. The Raconteurs

1. A Perfect Circle

3 Responses to “Episode 5: Top 5 Side Projects”

  1. I don’t know who my top 5 would be, but right now one of them would definitely be “She & Him” which is M. Ward’s side project with Zooey Deschanel. But if his solo album heavily features guest appearances, including Zooey, does “She & Him” count as a side project?

  2. I would also add The Killing Tree, which is a side project of the lead singer of Rise Against. Being a hardcore band, not too many people may be a fan, but I was really pulling for this band to work out over Rise Against. What makes them so great is the ability to write and structure hardcore songs that last up to 8 minutes without ever sounding stale (including sweet, multiple breakdowns). Plus, their shows at the Fireside Bowl were insane.

    Props for the Slowreader, too!

  3. Thx for the Slowreader rep… I really wish more people knew of them, but something tells me that continual mainstream success wasn’t what those guys had in mind when they made that album. Again, haven’t listened to much Rise Against, and I have to say I might never get around to it (or Avenged Sevenfold, or As I Lay Dying, etc) Call me a closed-minded jerk but I’ve yet to hear anything from this breed of “hardcore” that caught my ear for more than a moment of “wtf are we listening to?” I’ve been told this is simply due to not giving them a chance, and I think I’m just ok with that. After all, I gave Coheed and Cambria a chance, and that didn’t help ANYONE.

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