Episode 13: Top 5 Albums You’re Embarrassed To Love

Even the Musical Moron Twins have skeletons in their closets – and in their music collections. In this episode, the truth comes out – we reveal the top five albums that we’re ashamed to own, let alone love. This is unlilke any other list we’ve done, so be warned – these picks can and WILL shock you. On a less frightening note, we’re also talking about two more bands that you need to check out – the regreattably broken-up indie rock outfit The Slack Republic, and the Grammy-nominated, Neptunes-produced rock artist Kenna. You can read our picks after the break, but remember – you’ve been warned.

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Brian’s Top 5

5. Quarashi – “Jinx”

4. The Offspring – “Americana”

3. Ace Of Base – “The Sign”

2. Neil Diamond – “The Feel Of Neil Diamond”

1. Various Artists – “Family Values Tour ’98”

Erik’s Top 5

5. BBMak – “Into Your Head”

4. Phil Collins – “Face Value”

3. Paramore – “Riot!”

2. Savage Garden – “Savage Garden”

1. Hootie And The Blowfish – “Cracked Rear View”

4 Responses to “Episode 13: Top 5 Albums You’re Embarrassed To Love”

  1. Your’e show is awesome, it keeps me from sleeping at night (hence the time of the post). I totally hear ya on the Savage Garden album, surprised i made it home safely from school when that came out, and Ace of Base…..man, The pussycat dolls and artists similar to them dont have shit on ace of base and i dont think you have the willpower to make yourself join a myspace profile. Though I will say, myspace is a good way to discover new/unknown artists. i.e. an acoustic/groove/alternative(i suppose:/ ) band called Stellar Road……..amazing. and their from chicago (double-amazing). Im going to start pushing your podcast now when i sell ipods to people. In fact u should make cards and i’ll just throw them in the bag as the customers leave and when they get home theyll be mad until they go and here the show at which point the sheer awesomeness of your genius minds working together will hit them and they will thank me and maybe even tip me. I also think u should make shirts for advertising purposes, I would wear one…….all the time……under my blues……and to the bars. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow. Thanks Pipes. It means a lot. I’m going to check Stellar Road, and I appreciate your support for Ace of Base. Its not easy, being cheesy.

  3. Erik, I don’t think I could ever admit to loving any albums on your list. BBMak, Savage Garden and Paramore… wow.
    Looking forward to the next episode!

  4. Hey, loving the show, guys. First, though, a slight complaint. The volume, at least on iTunes, isn’t very even. I have to crank my volume to understand what you guys are saying, only to be blasted across the room when the music comes on.

    Second: I’ll be brave, and post a list of embarrasing album loves of my own!

    5. The Black Mages – “The Black Mages”
    (Something about admiting I enjoy listening to rock arrangements of music from Final Fantasy games… bit embarrasing, even with my love of video game music)

    4. The All American Rejects – “The All American Rejects”

    3. Mika – “Life In Cartoon Motion”

    2. Steriogram – “Schmack”
    (I don’t know either)

    1. Cowboy Troy – “Loco Motive”
    (Oh man why do I like country hip-hop? WHY?)

    Fianlly, I too will never be able to forget Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch. Sometimes I will just be sitting there, and it will, without warning, thrust itself into my conciousness without any sort of provocation.

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