Genius Playlist: Radiohead – “Airbag”

I’m pleased to introduce a great new feature of our website, called “Epic Genius Playlist”. If you’re not familiar with the excellent iTunes “Genius” feature, it works like this: you pick a single song from your library and it makes a 25 song playlist out of similar stuff in your library that Apple’s magical music elves feel will make sense. It’s a good way to make quick playlists without any work. This works particularly well with very large music libraries, as it brings about a much better variety and more surprises. We both happen to use this feature a lot and on occasion, a truly epic playlist comes out of it. Genius can make the kind of playlist that can set the tone for a wonderful day, or turn a crappy day into a good one.

Our first edition of “Epic Genius Playlist” is a playlist based on Radiohead’s “Airbag”, the opening track on the modern classic OK Computer (which topped Erik’s list in our “Best Albums of the Second Half of the 90’s” episode). Every song on this list comes with high recommendations from us, especially when played in sequence. You can read the full list after the break.

1. Radiohead – “Airbag”
2. Thom Yorke – “Analyzer”
3. Beck – “Chemtrails”
4. Fleet Foxes – “Ragged Wood”
5. Smashing Pumpkins – “Soma”
6. My Bloody Valentine – “Only Shallow”
7. Coldplay – “Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground”
8. Silversun Pickups – “Three Seed”
9. Radiohead – “Bones”
10. The Shins – “Sea Legs”
11. The Verve – “Slide Away”
12. Sigur Ros – “Gobbledigook”
13. The White Stripes – “300 MPH Torrential Downpour Blues”
14. Beck – “The Golden Age”
15. My Morning Jacket – “Gideon”
16. Thom Yorke – “Atoms For Peace”
17. Interpol – “Untitled”
18. Smashing Pumpkins – “Hummer”
19. TV On The Radio – “Crying”
20. Radiohead – “Let Down”
21. Cold War Kids – “I’ve Seen Enough”
22. Coldplay – “Rainy Day”
23. Beck – “Orphans”
24. The Black Keys – “Strange Times”
25. The Strokes – “The Modern Age”

One Response to “Genius Playlist: Radiohead – “Airbag””

  1. I really like this feature.

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