Episode 14: Top 5 Lollapalooza 2009 Performances

We’re back from the best weekend ever and have plenty to talk about! In this episode, we’re counting down the 5 best performances over the course of a weekend packed with the best bands in the world. Other Lollapalooza discussion ensues in this lengthy tribute episode. We don’t stop there, though, as we’re featuring a new feature based on a particularly excellent iTunes Genius playlist, and yet another pair of great new bands you need to know: Two Gallants and Blow Up Hollywood. Stay tuned for more bonus content from our Lollapalooza trip, exclusively on this website!

As always, you can read our picks after the break and download the new episode with the links below:

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Erik’s Top 5

5. Manchester Orchestra

4. Coheed & Cambria

3. Tool

2. Bat For Lashes

1. Silversun Pickups

Brian’s Top 5

5. Friendly Fires

4. Kings Of Leon

3. Dan Deacon

2. Andrew Bird

1. Silversun Pickups

One Response to “Episode 14: Top 5 Lollapalooza 2009 Performances”

  1. Brian was struggling with a description for Friendly Fires, I would describe them as follows “Like Cut-Copy but better”

    Erik you description of ‘Techno’ sucks. seriously. ALSO epic hipster fail on the clap your hands say yeah thing. I think I would rather run my hands through a wood thresher than listen to a coheed and cambria album, yech.

    Thanks for posting this guys.

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