Episode 15: Top 5 Metal Albums

The Musical Moron Twins are great and all, but there just hasn’t been enough FACE MELTING. In this episode, we bring an extra dose of rock goodness by counting down our top 5 heavy metal albums along with our newest guest star, Jay (who is a 100% certified metal fanatic). We also discuss Pitchfork’s recent Top 500 songs of the decade list and read a few of our favorite comments from this very blog! We also take a step back from metal for a bit and feature the incredible Bat For Lashes in our “Bands You Need To Know…Or Else!” segment.

As before, you can read our picks after the break and download the new episode with the links below:

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Jay’s Top 5

5. Metallica – “Ride The Lightning”

4. The Acacia Strain – “The Dead Walk”

3. All Shall Perish – “The Price Of Existence”

2. The Black Dahlia Murder – “Unhallowed”

1. Lamb Of God – “As The Palaces Burn”

Erik’s Top 5

5. Iron Maiden – “The Number Of The Beast”

4. Rage Against The Machine – “Rage Against The Machine”

3. Alice In Chains – “Dirt”

2. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”

1. Tool – “Lateralus”

Brian’s Top 5

5. White Zombie – “Astro Creep: 2000”

4. Deftones – “Around The Fur”

3. Slipknot – “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses”

2. System Of A Down – “System Of A Down”

1. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”

2 Responses to “Episode 15: Top 5 Metal Albums”

  1. 1. Tool: “Lateralus” yes, Tool is definitely considered metal! This has consistently been my top album since I first heard it when I was 14. I doubt that will ever change.
    2. Led Zeppelin: “IV”
    3. ACDC: “Back in Black” When I first hear ACDC I wasn’t a huge fan, but they’ve grown on me
    4. Metallica: “Master of Puppets” duh Long time fan of this album too.
    5. System of a Down: “System of a Down”

  2. Back in Black actually made a lot of lists I saw, and I can’t entirely disagree, but it would have only probably made my top ten or fifteen. As for Tool, well… I still have my doubts as to whether or not I can reeeeaaallly call this metal, but its freaking amazing either way. More or less same with Zoso, but with anything Zeppelin I am much more positive that it is VERY MUCH NOT METAL. If it is indeed metal, we might as well throw Aerosmith, The Who, Pink Floyd, and pretty much anything from Clapton’s mid-career stuff on there, too… wtf Rachel. No metal for you (well, at least IV). But thanks for listening, and despite picking apart your second choice for best metal album, good list!

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