Episode 17: Top 5 Debut Albums

Most artists take a few albums to really hit their groove. A chosen few, however, release a debut recording that stands out as the best in their catalog. In this episode, we count down the greatest debuts and discuss plenty of others that didn’t quite make the cut. We also talk about two bands from the excellent Broken Electric Records – The Wooden Idols Remixes and The Sidewalk Regrets. As always, you can read our picks after the jump and can subscribe to the show (or download this episode by itself) using the links below.

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Erik’s Top 5

5. Sun Kil Moon – “Ghosts Of The Great Highway”

4. King Crimson – “In The Court Of The Crimson King”

3. R.E.M. – “Murmur”

2. DJ Shadow – “Endtroducing…..”

1. Jeff Buckley – “Grace”

Brian’s Top 5

5. Silversun Pickups – “Carnavas”

4. Modest Mouse – “This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About”

3. The Arcade Fire – “Funeral”

2. Weezer – “Weezer (The Blue Album)”

1. Explosions In The Sky – “How Strange, Innocence”


3 Responses to “Episode 17: Top 5 Debut Albums”

  1. Nice choice with Arcade Fire. Puts one such a great live show. Saw them at the High Dive a few years back, then at Logan Square the next week. Heavenly.

  2. I guess I would have to correct Arcade Fire since they did have a previous album (self-titled) out before Funeral, even that is all people had really ever heard when they blew up.

    Maybe to this list I would add
    Minus the Bear- Highly Refined Pirates. They may have had an ep out before this, but i surely never heard it. Almost all finger tapping, and they play better when they are drunk.

    Motion City Soundtrack- I am a Movie. But only the version that they used to sell in 5 1/4 floppy disk packaging.

    RJD2- Deadringer. Super solid dj/producer. Got to see him play at the Abbey Pub a few years back, and I was impressed by his ability to rock 4 turntables and use them fluidly.

    Bloc Party- Silent Alarm. First of a couple brit bands that mad a name for themselves around 04. The remixed version i guess is good if you are high, but if not, its a nice supplement only, never a replacement for the original.

    Sorry, I guess I never finished the full podcast when i first listened, thus the instant first response.

  3. Agreed with Silent Alarm all the way, but haven’t heard the others enough to make a statement one way or the other. The self titled Arcade Fire was actually an EP, as far as I know, so that is why I chose Funeral as their debut album. We had some question as to what criteria a debut needed to meet to make the list, and we decided no EP’s. There are probably quite a few EPs that are deserving of a “best debut” if they would have been considered for this list.

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