Episode 18: Top 5 Songs By Musicians With Epic Beards

While The Musical Moron Twins are first and foremost connoisseurs of great music, epic beards are not far behind. In this episode, we each count down 5 incredible songs by artists whose beards are so great they nearly eclipse the music itself. But not quite. We also talk about another great band you need to know, Los Angeles’ Great Northern. As usual, the link to download the episode is below, as well as that other one where you can download or subscribe to our other episodes on iTunes. You can also read our top 5 choices after the break.

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Erik’s Top 5

5. Manchester Orchestra – “I’ve Got Friends”

4. Iron and Wine – “Such Great Heights”

3. Eels – “Novocaine For The Soul”

2. Band Of Horses – “The Funeral”

1. George Harrison – “My Sweet Lord”

Brian’s Top 5

5. ZZ Top – “La Grange”

4. Built To Spill – “The Plan”

3. Matisyahu – “King Without A Crown”

2. Band of Horses – “The Great Salt Lake”

1. Iron and Wine – “House By The Sea”


4 Responses to “Episode 18: Top 5 Songs By Musicians With Epic Beards”

  1. I really did laugh out loud when I heard the Iron and Wine cover of “Such Great Heights” in Garden State. Sure, there is a bit more emotion inherent in the song, but I couldn’t get behind such a quick cover of the song. So my roommate and I laughed aloud.

    I am a little saddened that there was no mention of TV on the Radio. For serious, check this beard!

    Also, since I am into bikes, I figured you can enjoy a sick rider
    set to “The Funeral.” I dig.

    And one of the first bands I got into, or at least really appreciated live that would be designated beard core would be Hot Water Music. While I never got into them on cd, they ruled live.

    Common rocked a beard, so he gets a shout out for reppin Chi-city. Check out I Used to Love H.E.R. for older stuff, or most of the album BE.

  2. TV on the Radio pic

  3. Yeah dude I saw this beard and about shat, but truth be told, I haven’t listened to them enough to agree or disagree. I’ve heard amazing things about them, and I’ve heard a few great songs, but somehow they just don’t seem to get a sit-down listen. I’ll make it a point to, as you would be person #3 (oddly enough one of those three being Erik) who has mentioned how great this band is (although to be fair, you more mentioned how great the beard was, and I agree, but yeah, I’ll listen too)

  4. btw that beard doesn’t seem to have a beginning or an end…

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